About Us

Just like a good pour of bourbon, all of us have a story and this is the story of Bourbon Master.

My name is Chris Wilkey and I am a huge fan of bourbon and craft beer. If you would place a tracker on me, most of the time you would find me at the golf course, a bar, or on an adventure to a new and exciting food/drink location.

The Bourbon Master blog is a project that was started as a place for me to document my travels, tastings, and opinions of my bourbon adventures.

I started and sold a blog called FBA Master about 7 years ago and it documented by journey of selling on Amazon and teaching others how to do it as well. Since the sale of the blog, I have been looking for a topic that I would enjoy writing on again. And one night while I was drinking some bourbon, it hit me. Why not write about something you love doing (drinking bourbon that is).

I was also motivated by Jeff Clark and his YouTube channel (A Taste For Whiskey). Jeff goes around to different local liquor stores and does tastings for those who love bourbon. It got me thinking…Maybe there is a need for a blog that talks about this stuff too.

So what’s in this blog for me? Well there are a few things:

  1. Community – I love to have a group of people to share and connect with and I want this blog to be that place.
  2. Bourbon – I’ll be 100% honest, I would love to build a blog where at some point I could actually choose and select a barrel of bourbon. I think this would be awesome and with the right people, it might actually happen.
  3. Writing Outlet – I am one who needs to write or record in order to get my thoughts organized. This blog can do just that.

And that’s the story behind Bourbon Master. I hope you enjoy the blog just as much as I enjoy writing for it.