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We are actively accepting whiskeys, beer, spirits, and wine for review consideration. Please read below for submission guidelines

The review process is free of charge – Please see the guidelines below:

The Bourbon Master takes pride in offering comprehensive reviews and coverage of a wide range of bourbons, whiskeys, beers, wines, and other spirits from all corners of the world. We want to give our audience a honest and fun perspective on all of the new (and old) whiskeys, bourbons, beers, wines, and spirits on the market and we want to review yours next.

Before Submitting a Review:

  1. Timeframe for Reviews: We shoot to have a review of your product completed within two-four weeks of receiving the sample. This is subject to the number of samples received and our editorial schedule. Once the post is created and published, you will receive an email with the link to the post.
  2. Review Order: Beverages will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. There is no limit to the number of reviews for a given distillery, winery, brewery, or brand.
  3. Provide Detailed Information: When submitting a review sample, please include as much information as possible about your product, including technical details. As a marketing guy, I appreciate knowing what you think of the whiskey before I give it a try. I take it and use it to compare my own tasting notes.
  4. Sample Size: Full-size bottles or cans are preferred, but we also accept smaller-sized samples (for spirits only). However, please ensure a minimum size of 2oz to allow for accurate tasting. Any less than that and we cannot fully taste the spirit and provide an accurate review.
  5. Artwork: We preferred to use photos and images from the distillery, brewery, or winery in the review posts. Please send those items via email or through a storage device with the sample.
  6. Secure Packaging: Please tightly seal and securely package your review samples to avoid any leakage or breakage during transit. We recommend sending more than one sample with each shipment to save on shipping costs.
  7. What Can Be Sampled?: While we aim to review a wide variety of whiskey, spirits, beer, and wine, so odds are we will taste and review about anything. Feel free to contact with any specific category inquiries or review requests.

Submitting Review Samples:

To ensure a smooth review process, please contact with information about your review request and any questions you may have. We appreciate your collaboration in providing accurate and engaging reviews to our audience.

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Thank you for considering The Bourbon Master as your partner in sharing the essence and craftsmanship of your beverage with our devoted readers. We look forward to exploring and savoring the unique character of each bottle you submit. Cheers to a spirited partnership!